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Boca TU120AE Driver

BOCA RESEARCH INC. BB BOCA K DYNAMICDUO BOCA OFFICE COMMUNICATOR V (FDV34SVD) BOCA WINSTORM 56K PCI MODEM. Reference Guide. Product Code: TUAE. PWR Using the Boca Research WEBGLIDER Reference Guide . Appendix G: Servicing Your Boca Product. BOCA RESEARCH 显卡 声卡网卡MODEM. 显卡 BVPSZK1, Boca Video Phone. BVPK2, Boca Video TUAE, WEBGLIDER - ISDN Terminal Adapter.

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Boca TU120AE Driver

Section Four: Command Line Configuration Command Line Configuration 4 If you use an operating system other than Windows, command line configuration should be Boca TU120AE.

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Page 20 4. When you have received the OK response, enter the following command: The following prompt will appear: In the example that follows, the information below is used: Boca TU120AE first item to configure is the network type. Depending on your switch type, enter the command as follows: Page Boca TU120AE 7.

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Boca TU120AE numbers to ports allows incoming calls to be sent to the right ports. Page 23 To set the number for the AUX 1 port use the command: To save the configuration, enter Boca TU120AE command: SAVE This operation will take a few seconds to complete. To leave configuration mode without saving, type EXIT. You can now use AT commands.

If your switch is running one of the 5E custom protocols, it may be configured as point-to-point or multipoint default. Page 26 Or, use AT dialing through the Boca TU120AE software you have configured for your Boca TU120AE modem attached to one of the AUX ports.

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Configuration is not limited to the items discussed above. See Appendix I Boca TU120AE a full explanation of each command line option.

Appendix A: Check the LEDs to make sure that the power Boca TU120AE self-test has completed successfully. When the test completes successfully, the LEDs will flash in a sweep sequence. Page 28 SPID. Ask your service provider to run a test on your line from the central office.

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Boca TU120AE Reconfigure the terminal to disable the local echo. Appendix B: Appendix C: In this case, the acceptable range is with a default value of Page 35 Data Communication Protocols These protocols represent various domestic and international standards which enhance modem performance and reliability.

Boca TU120AE Driver for Windows 8

The protocols are activated and controlled by a variety of extended AT commands and S-Registers. MNP stands for Microcom Boca TU120AE Protocol and is a protocol developed by Microcom for full-duplex, error-free communications. Page 36 V.

Page 37 V. Appendix D: Appendix E: Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

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